Tristan Haggard's wife Jessica and I have been chatting for close to a year about lifestyles, recipes and raising families. We share a lot of similar ideas and so it was easy for us to become fast friends.

This past fall, at the end of October as I launched my new book and Tristan and I finally had a conversation that we recorded for his podcast. I was WAY more emotional than I expected I would be. He led the conversation by asking me HOW I got interested in researching regenerative agriculture or farm direct foods. I have to admit I was totally caught off guard even though it was a very logical starting point and a seemingly benign question.

The reason I am here in this real food landscape is because our 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Our experience was insane - not so much because of the doctors and the nurses (the humans in those positions) but because I realized that the institutions behind those people were corrupt.

I am not saying that those doctors and nurses chose to join those institutions knowing anything was corrupt about it. In fact, I believe they believed and STILL BELIEVE they are working to help and save people. Those human beings did not choose to get into that line of work to do harm.

Those same people however are manipulated, directed and controlled by their "licenses" which are "contracts" with the institutions. They have to dole out wellness as prescribed by the institutions - much of which has more to do with profits than it does healing anyone. In fact, one chapter in my book is called "HUMAN TORTURE THERAPY".

I appreciate how much patience and grace Tristan offered me, knowing it was my very first interview ever. I am a mother of 3 amazing souls, I am not a media professional by education or trade.

I told Jessica I wanted Tristan to be my first interview since I had gotten to know them personally and I felt that I could trust him to allow me some grace. I wasn't sure what to expect so, this was definitely the safest way for me to take the plunge into promoting my book.

We tried to edit out all the super emotional parts from this video so as not to bore you guys with any of my "deer in headlights" moments. LOL We also recorded this before I understood how to manage my lighting so forgive the dark video! I swear I am just figuring all these things out.

ANYWAY- we did talk about my book but we also talked about regenerative agriculture and the state of the centralized institutions. We go on to discuss WHY we should all possibly seek independence by taking more responsibility for our food by sourcing it directly from regenerative soil managers or even by homesteading ourselves.

I felt that this conversation may still be of some help to someone out there, so if it gives even ONE of you more clarity, I will be satisfied.

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She has done an INCREDIBLE job of writing and designing them and she is the reason I will probably NEVER write a cookbook. WHY SHOULD I when she has done such a proficient job already! Seriously - you need those in your kitchen.

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