Dennis, grew up Amish Mennonite and now he and his wife Alicia Stoltzfoos and their children own and operate Full Circle Foods.

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Full Circle Farm

We are a family owned and operated farm producing nutrient dense foods the old fashioned way with a modern twist. Our foods have no chemicals of any kind including no hormones or anti-life (biotics). We go way beyond the federal government's organic standards. We offer Non-GMO eggs/chicken, 100% grass fed beef, forest fed pork (Joel Salatin style), raw dairy products (milk, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, etc.). We deliver to Gainesville, Ocala, Tampa, Brandon and Bradenton, Jacksonville, High Springs, Brooksville, Clearwater, St. Pete and Tallahassee. Our goods also make it to the east coast and Orlando every other week. We also offer educational seminars at the farm or at your location and farm consulting to help you get started farming. We love visitors; contact us and we will set an appointment to give you a farm tour.

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Twitter: to buy my book to learn about my personal story and the nonprofit work I now do. You can also schedule a coaching session with me from the website or become a monthly sustainer to support our 501c3 nonprofit work. We are raising money to be able to buy land and build a brick and mortar church location so more people can experience regenerative food.







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